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1. The frame Datta recommended to his customer: A frame with gold leaves and creepers.
2. Datta was: a silent and hardworking man
3. What was the appearance of the owner of the ‘Modern Frame Works’? A concave figure with silver rimmed glasses and the complexion of seasoned timber.
4. What was “The Modern Frame Works”? An extra large wooden packing case mounted on wobbly legs.
5. Datta had learnt by experience that: his customers never came punctually.
6. The ‘Modern Frame Works’ looks like a: fabulous world awaiting order and arrangement.
7. When the samples were shown to the customer he: was baffled
8. When the customer came to take the photograph, Datta tried to composite himself by : letting a whole minute pass without answering
9. Datta was forced to accept the disaster with a: hopeless resignation
10. Every nerve in Datta’s head throbbed: when he thought of what answer he would offer to his customer
11. The customer clearly remembered that he had asked Datta for only: A cut mount with an oval shape.
12. How was the photograph? Sharp & highly glazed
13. What was the colour of the photograph of the old man that the customer wanted to be framed? Sepia brown
14. What are the extravagant qualities of the old man described by the customer? Nobility, Compassion, and Charity.
15. Why did they want to frame the photograph? To demonstrate their homage
16. Datta had learnt by experience that: his customers never came punctually.
17. Datta was always seen sitting ---- up, surrounded by a ---- of cardboard pieces: hunched , confused
18. Many times Datta had to stand up and shake his dhoti vigorously to: dislodge the lost object
19. C.V.Raman remembered that one day he was standing between: the Libyan Desert and the Valley of the Nile in Egypt.
20. In one sense water is the commonest of liquids, in another sense it is: the most uncommon of liquids.
21. The finest silt of the valley of the Nile was brought down by the river from the highway of: Abyssinia and from Central Africa.
22. The Nile flows inot the: Mediterranean sea
23. In the body of all living creatures water plays an essential part in its: Physiological activity.
24. Alluvial areas formed by silt are usually: Very fertile
25. Common substance which we call water: is the most potent and most wonderful thing on face of earth
26. Much of Indian agriculture depends on: seasonal rainfall
27. The ------ and ------ of water is thus fundamental for human welfare: Conservation and utilization.
28. The problems of soil erosion are closely connected with: inadequate and irregular rainfall.
29. The rain fed tanks play a vital role in: South Indian agriculture.
30. The problem of ---- is one of the serious important in various countries and especially in many parts of India.: Soil erosion
31. India, being a country which has only seasonal rainfall: has the problem of an immense quantity of rainwater running off the ground
32. The harnessing of water supplies helps on developing: hydroelectric power.
33. Hydro-electric Power helps in tapping: underground water
34. The most advantageous result of having availability of electric power is that: it helps inderground water to be tapped to a greater extent than at present
35. The soil on the earth’s surface has been formed from: The rocks of its crust.
36. Kalpana was not a topper at the school, but she was among the first : Five
37. Kalpana was one among the --- astronauts selected by NASA : 19
38. The first woman astronaut to go into the space is : Kalpana Chawla
39. Kalpana Chawla was offered attractive job by: Overset Methods Inc.
40. Kalpana Chawla had her schooling in the : Tagore Bal Niketan
41. At PEC Kalpana was actively associated with: Aero & Astro society
42. After obtaining PhD Kalpana joined: NASA Ames Research Centre
43. Kalpana pursued her pre-degree cpurse from: Dayal Singh College
44. Kalpana initially sought PhD admission into the discipline of: Mechanical engineering
45. After graduation, Kalpana decided to seek admission into: University of Texas
46. Kalpana moved to ------ after her Master’s programme: Colorodo
47. Kalpana’s dream was to become: Flight Engineer
48. For STS-107 mission Kalpana’s assignment was: conduct research on micro gravity
49. Kalpana’s thesis guide at Arlington was: Don Wilson
50. Kalpana got married in the year: 1983
51. Kalpana Chawla’s pet name was: Montu
52. For STS-107 mission Kalpana’s assignment was: to conduct research on microgravity.
53. The code name of Narayanana’s missile project was: Devil
54. The project director for Prithvi: Col.V.J.Sundaram
55. “Don not make rocketry your profession or your livelihood- make it your religion your mission” who said these words? Wernher Von Braun
56. In area Sriharikota is as big as: Chennai
57. Who calls Kalam with his full name? T.N.Seshan
58. Who has demonstrated his mastery over the art of team building?
Prof. Vikram Sarabhai.
59. Who played a very important role in shaping Dr. Kalam’s leadership skills? Dr.Brahm Prakash
60. When Abdul Kalam visited DRDL in April 1982 who was the Director? Mr.S.L.Bansal
61. Which missile was the first IRBM with a 3,000 km range? : Jupiter missile
62. The formulation of re-entry experiment (REX) later became : Agni
63. The vaccum created in Kalam by the Diamont was filled by : RATO
64. Who succeeded Prof.Ramanna after his retirement? Dr. V.S.Arunachalam
65. The failure of the timer circuit of the nose cone jettisoning mechanism led to the birth of: A rocket engineering laboratory.
66. Dr.Brahm Prakash died on: 3 January 1984.
67. INCOSPAR was reconstituted as an advisory body under the : INSA
68. What is the commonest denominator among all successful men and women? Total Commitment
69. The SLV rocket flight was terminated after: 317 seconds.
70. Who became the technical director of German Missile laboratory at Kummersdorf? Wernher Von Braun
71. The development of an indigenous surface-to-air missile was taken by: DRDO
72. An altitude control system and an on-board computer were developed by: D.P.Benerjee, K.V.Ramanna Sai and their team.
73. The fourth stage apogee motor has given the required velocity to put ----- satellite into orbit: Rohini
74. The anti-tank missile project became: Nag
75. Who was the French visitor & President of CNES (Centre Nationale de Etudes Spatiales) brought to Thumba by Prof. Sarabhai: Dr Curien
76. What was Kalam’s dream project? Agni
77. Dr. Brhm Prakash died on: 3 January 1984.
78. The Indian Rocket society was found in : 1968
79. ISRO became a government body in: 1975
80. The velocity of SLV-3 satellite is: 25,000km per hour
81. The SLV rocket flight was terminated after: S17 seconds
82. The surface-to-surface weapon system became: Prithvi
83. What was the position of India, in its satellite launching capability, when SLV-3 was launched? Fifth in the world.
84. Who was Kalam’s sheet anchor? Dr.Brahm Prakash
85. Indian Space Research Organization was created under the: DAE
86. Who was Abdul Kalam’s mentor? Ahmed Jallalluddin
87. For all scientific projects in India , the Management pattern of the SLV project became: the blueprint
88. Since the space at DRDL was inadequate for IGMDP, Abdul Kalam selected: Imarat Kancha area.
89. The 1st launch of the missile programme was conducted on: 16 sept 1985
90. PM Indira Gandhi visited Thumba to dedicate TERLS to: The International Space Science Community.
91. “You are beautifully clothered in your success” who said these words? Prof Satish Dhawan
92. Kalam considered Prof. Sarabhai as : Mahatma Of Indian Science
93. The Indian Rocket Society was formed in: 1968
94. The rocket that put the first man on the Moon was: The Saturn rocket in the Apollo mission.
95. Who was the first director of Vikram Sarabhai Space centre? Dr Brahm Prakash
96. The tactical core vehicle was called: Trishul
97. Dr. Curien testified that SLV-Project team has achieved in a year what the Eurpoean team could do in: three years.
98. The Nandi project was aborted at: ADE
99. Who is India’s Industrialist scientist? Prof. Vikram Sarabhai
100. The first experimental flight trial of SLV-3 was scheduled on: 10 Aug 1979
101. The Defense Minister R.Venkataraman suggested Kalam and his DRDL team to launch: an integrated GMDP
102. Indian Space Research Organization was created under tac: DAE
103. Who appointed Kalam, the Project manager of SLV: Prof. Satish Dhavan
104. ISRO was lucky to have two helm leaders : Prof. Sarabhai and Prof.Dhawan
105. The development of an indigenous surface-to- air missile was taken up by: DRDO
106. The surface-to-surface weapon system became : Prithvi
107. Who was the director of Prithvi? Col.V.J.Sundaram

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