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Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Dr. Shaik Shaheen Taj, M.A., M Phil., Ph D.,
Principal, Nimra Women’s College of Engineering
Nimra Nagar, Jupudi, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
This paper explores the ways in which modern technology such as internet may be incorporated in the English classroom to enhance learning. It begins exploring the traditional ways of teaching where the classroom is teacher-centered. It is depicted that such learning leaves the students passive and it fails to arouse the curiosity to learn in learners which in turn fails to build their overall personality development. It is further shown that teaching mixed ability students is a challenging task for the teachers in the classroom. The paper then goes to highlight the important aspects of the modern technology in which the focus is on the use of online resources through the internet which makes the student active leaving the teacher just to play the role of a facilitator. Besides this paper mentions some important websites which helps both teachers and students to update their knowledge in learning English in a modern way through audio and video clips. This paper concludes with a strong opinion that though modern technology plays an important role in the English classroom, an English teacher has an important role to play along with the latest technologies and internet resources in motivating and encouraging to student to learn all essential communication skills in an effective way.

The main reason to use the Internet in English class is to create an English Environment which is absent especially in our Technical Institutions. Internet has powerful impact on students. I wanted to expose my students to a wider range of English than they usually encounter in their daily lives. I mainly made the students depend on the standard website http:// which is a very good source to upgrade their English Language Skills. This teaching arouses the interest in all types of mixed ability students who feel free to do the activities without any inferiority complex. Their interest made me to search for more and more such websites which are beneficial to the students. I have made the links as direct as possible so that students to get relevant information without having to search for a long period of time. As we are aware of the fact a man without computer knowledge is considered to be an illiterate in this contemporary era. Thus through this method I wanted them to learn different activities related to computer such as creating e-mail accounts, learning to create their own blogs where they can post their creative works, creating their own web pages etc along with English Learning. Students were very excited to learn English using Internet in a playful manner. Practical knowledge makes them to remember things easily and they enjoy solving Language related puzzles to learn spelling, pronunciation, grammar etc. This method keeps all the students engaged and comfortable in learning. Internet learning helps students to see things in a new way.
Availability of Internet
The computer labs at college are linked to the Internet which is helpful to help students learn English easily making use of the available facilities. Apart from this I encourage students to use Internet cafes in their leisure time to learn everything quickly and to continue their effort of learning outside the class.
Effective ways of teaching with Modern Technology
Students learn surfing the web sites which is pleasurable to them. As it involves a great deal of reading in English it can also be a method to develop their English vocabulary. Teacher spends most of the time just facilitating the students who are busy in eagerly helping each other. Students enjoy doing assignments using internet resources. They are focused on their work without any embrasement. While browsing different sites students in a way help even teachers by sharing the different information they find online. While using internet for teaching blogs too play a very important role. A personal blog is an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual which is the best place to express ideas. A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web which consists of "posts" typically displayed in reverse chronological order. Students learn to bookmark important information and utilize it whenever they need it in future. Apart from this students learn to copy, paste and get printout of the needful resources available online. Using this they can prepare PowerPoint presentations too. Projects are given to them and they complete their project, using internet and present it in PowerPoint.  I have encouraged them to create their e mail ids and add my mail id so that I can easily pass on the information to them even in case of their absence to college due to some problems. This is also a better way to maintain cordial relationship with them through which we can motivate and mould them in a right way and help them to climb the ladder of success without any obstacles. I too have created my personal blog which is very helpful to B Tech, MBA & MCA Students of JNTU. It is purely the blog related to the Technical English. Few general topics are also posted which will be helpful to the students. This technology makes students approach learning in a modern way which is entirely different when compared to routine traditional way of learning. Blogs can be used to interact with students and to help them communicate their ideas by helping them to create their own blog. I encourage to students to leave their comments whenever they utilize the material available in my blog. Students take out the essential material’s printout which helps them to prepare for their examinations. Here I play a role of motivator and guide to students. This method allows students to use not just data around them but to use the data available in the world. Besides they can create their own websites free of cost. For example Weebly is one such website where we can register for free and publish about us and about our professional developments.
Important Internet sites to learn English
We can suggest any of the following sites for students to enhance their English knowledge. Internet 4 Classrooms ( ) is a free web portal designed by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles in February, 1997. Here we find high-quality free Internet resources to use in classroom instruction, to develop project ideas, etc.  This website is useful to teachers, parents and students of all ages. It is very easily available to anyone with an Internet connection. Similarly we have many more free web sites for people studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer assisted language learning activities. Besides there is a very interesting website named EnglishClub (htm:// which is a free website designed to help students learn English online. Here one can make one’s own English page with blogs, photos, videos, music, groups and friends. It includes English Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, English games, English Quizzes etc. the best website for beginners is Englishroom ( website which arouses the interest of the learners. Apart from English Language knowledge it is very much essential for students to know what is going on around them. Thus there is a free service named ( which accelerates our understanding of a news story. It’s the only video news service that allows users to compare news sources from around the world to see how a story unfolds. English is essential not just for academic purpose or interaction purpose but it is also needed to face competitive examinations.  Thus a site is especially designed to prepare students to face such competitive exams confidential. Thus Road to Grammar ( is a site for ESL, TESL, EFL, TEFL, TOEFL, and grammar and vocabulary practice. Another website named Everyday English as the names itself suggests helps us to teach the English which is essential in daily life of the students.  There is very important website named which has abundant material related to different aspects. Here we get free online books, information related to education, not just English but related all the science and technology subjects, exposing students to such websites enhances students learning ability and helps them to build their career in a right way availing the internet resources in a right way. It is well known fact anything can be learnt and remembered for long time if it is in lyrical form. Songs thus play an important role to perfect the students’ pronunciation. is one such site where students can enjoy the melodious video songs and at the same time practice correct pronunciation of English words. The other important sites are given below.

Changing time has changed the role of teachers in the classroom and hence teacher in no longer playing the role of mere traditional teacher with abundant information but has started incorporating modern technology in their classrooms. Thus we can very clearly understand that the Internet is a dynamic tool of communication and information gathering. Students anyhow are very much fixated on technology these days. Students can use the available data without any difficulty with the guidance of the teacher. Teacher here plays a role of felicitator by just guiding students to avail the data available as much as possible rather than spoon feeding them. Playing the role of felicitators it is our responsibility to just show the path to students and encourage them to tread the right path. Teacher is the best motivator and guide to the students. Finally I want to conclude saying that internet deals not only improving English communication but also makes students learn to acquire skills on their own which is very important aspect in doing research in future.

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 This paper of mine was published in the month of July (2013) from Tumkur University in their International Conference Journal. I am posting this online so that it might be useful to students who seek to improve their english.
Dr.Shaheen Taj

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I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. Don't get confused. Refer only I Mid question paper not the semester paper.ok. Please don't forget to leave comment. ok. Take Care. Bye. Dr. Taj NIMRA

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Nimra Nagar, Jupudi.

Time-1 ½ hr                                          ENGLISH                            Max Marks : 40
Common to all branches
Answer all the following questions: All questions carry equal marks

1. a. Summarize Gandhiji’s experiences as a student in London.                          10 M
            Mahatma Gandhiji’s autobiography “My Experiments with Truth” depicts his experiences as a student in London. Gandhiji wanted to become polished by transforming himself into an English Gentleman.  Thus he changed his Bombay cut dress. He bought chimney-pot hat, evening suit and a tie. He asked his brother to send him a double watch-chain of gold. Apart from this he decided to take lessons in dancing, French and elocution. While dancing he felt tough to follow the rhytm so he started taking music classes. He had to spend money to pay fee for his teachers and to buy piano. Gandhiji purchased Bell’s Standard Elocutionist text book. While reading this book Mr. Bell rang the bell of alarm in Gandhiji’s ear and he realized his mistake of trying to establish false identity. He realized that he is not going to stay in London for whole life and his character should make his a gentleman not his false appearance or dancing. This made Gandhiji to write letters to his teachers asking him to excuse him from continuing his classes. Finally with his violin teacher’s encouragement he determined to make a complete change.
            Gandhi now started concentrating on his economy which made him note every farthing he spent. He was able to maintain perfect account and thus remained a gainer in the end. Gandhiji’s Bar examinations required less study time and hence lot of free time was available for him which he wanted to utilize to learn something useful. His English was weak so he wanted to become perfect in it. But his teacher asked him to meet only after completing his graduation. This made Gandhiji to concentrate on London Matriculation. First Gandhiji opted for Latin which though tough was beneficial to Bar Students. But he couldn’t manage to learn it within the time limit. So he continued with French and selected another easy subject ‘Heat and Light’ which did not require any experiment like chemistry. Though Gandhiji ploughed in his first attempt with the change in his subject he was able to pass his matriculation. His plain living saved him plenty of time and thus he was able to pass his examination.
b. Give the Synonyms of the following. (From the texts)                                         5M  (i) heritage  : Practices that are handed down from the past by tradition
(ii) tryst: a secret meeting  (iii) mend   : repair, change , To make better
 (iv) euphoria: a feeling of great elation  ( v) Pecuniary : related to money
2. a.  What are Barnum’s suggestions for practicing economy?                        10 M    
P.T. Barnum’s autobiography entitled “The Life of Barnum” written by himself provides excellent advice to maintain economy. Barnum says that people should regulate their expenditure in accordance with their means and needs. If the expenditure is less than the income of an individual, he/she would have no financial worries at all.
To lead life happily without any financial worries we should wear old clothes a little longer and manage with old pair of gloves , mend old dress and live on plain food. Barnum also gives a recipe which he found to work an excellent cure of extravagance and especially for mistaken economy. We have to take a paper and make two column, one headed “necessaries” of even “comforts,” and the other headed “luxuries.” Frequently the second column will be ten times greater than the first column. The real comforts of life cost only a small portion o what most of us can earn. Thus Barnum says that we should not live to satisfy the eyes of others. We should not try to keep up an outward show as it is true that we are born free and equal but our bank balances are not same. Barnum warns woman for their vanity. He says that envy and vanity ruins ladies. We should all stop digging away for the sake of outside appearance. This if followed perfectly in life everyone can attain a pecuniary independence.
b. Give the Antonyms of the following. (From the texts)                                         5M  (i)  rational : irrational     (ii) obsolete          : latest   (iii) surplus  : deficient
  (iv)  civilized : uncivilized      (v) regular   : irregular
3. Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns.                                                         5M
1. Srinath and I are classmates. We share a room in the hostel.
2. Srinath isn’t well. We are taking him to see a doctor.
3. Mrs. Anuradha is a lecturer. She teaches English. All of us like her very   much.                        
4. Guys, you making too much noise!
5. Who are those people? Where are they from?
6. My dad is a doctor. He works in a hospital.
7. May I borrow your record book? Yes, of course. When can you return it to me?

4. Write a short dialogue between two friends discussing a film they have recently seen together.
Answer all the following questions: All questions carry equal marks

1.     (a). Describe the efforts made by Gandhiji to transform himself into an  English gentleman.(10M)
Mahatma Gandhiji’s autobiography “My Experiments with Truth” depicts his experiences as a student in London. Gandhiji wanted to become polished by transforming himself into an English Gentleman.
 Thus he changed his Bombay cut dress and got new ones at the Army and Navy Stores.  He bought chimney-pot hat costing nineteen shilling. He spent ten pounds on an evening suit made in Bond Street, the centre of fashionable life in London. He learnt the art of tying a tie himself. He asked his brother to send him a double watch-chain of gold. He spent ten minutes every day before a huge mirror watching himself arranging his tie and parting his hair in the correct fashion.
Besides, he decided to take lessons in dancing, French and elocution. While dancing he felt tough to follow the rhythm so he started taking music classes. He had to spend money to pay fee for his teachers and to buy piano. Gandhiji purchased Bell’s Standard Elocutionist text book. While reading this book Mr. Bell rang the bell of alarm in Gandhiji’s ear and he realized his mistake of trying to establish false identity. He realized that he is not going to stay in London for whole life and his character should make his a gentleman not his false appearance or dancing. This made Gandhiji to write letters to his teachers asking him to excuse him from continuing his classes. Finally with his violin teacher’s encouragement he determined to make a complete change. The punctiliousness in dress persisted for years. But hence forward he became a student.

(b). Fill in each blank in the following with the given words: lose heart, plea, undertake, aspirants, lingua franca, emulate, recluse, infatuation, disbursed, perpetual.(5M)
(i)                Some of our teachers not only teach but also undertake administrative work.
(ii)              After listening to the music concert by Bala Murali Krishna, I started attending music classes. But the infatuation did not last long.
(iii)            Don’t   lose heart . There’ll be plenty of chances for promotion.
(iv)            A contented mind is a perpetual feast.
(v)              After his marriage failed, he has become a  recluse .
(vi)            He tries to emulate his brother’s sporting achievements.
(vii)          All the residents of the colony made a plea to the industries nearby to stop pollution.
(viii)        The Committee was asked to select the party candidates from 1000 aspirants.
(ix)            English is used as a lingua franca in many Countries.
(x)              The funds were disbursed in two installments.
3.     (a). What are Barnum’s suggestions for practicing economy? (10M)

 (b). Match the following.(5M)
     (i) solemn       - earnest             (1) fate
     (ii) tryst           - appointment              (2) devotional
     (iii)redeem       - retrieve                      (3) appointment
     (iv)dedication  - devotional                (4)earnest
     (v)destiny            -fate                           (5)retrieve

3. Write a paragraph on the given topic : Cigarette smoking is injurious
          Smoking has become very common and fashionable, especially among young boys. This habit usually begins at school when boys try to experiment with every new thing that they can lay their hands on.
Despite the warnings given by doctors about the ill-effects of smoking, people continue to smoke. Smokers are addicted to it, and even if they want to, they cannot refrain from picking up a cigar or cigarette and puffing away. Some youngsters smoke for the sake of society and some feel that would make them appear liberated and broadminded.
In the beginning, a teenager may take a few puffs from his friend's cigarette; then comes a time when it becomes an indispensable part of his life. Several puffs lead to the formation of a habit. Soon smoking begins to affect the health of the smoker. He becomes a chain-smoker. This smoke is toxic and the nicotine in the cigarette is known to cause cancer. It is ironic that despite the fact that every smoker is aware of the ill effects of smoking, he does not give it up.
Tobacco companies are doing very well all over the world. Every packet of cigars or cigarettes has a warning inscribed in it: cigarette smoking is injurious to health." Yet the smoker never reads this warning and even if he reads it he never pays heed to it.
The government raises the price of tobacco every year. This is usually done to discourage people from smoking. Yet smokers continue to be slaves of this habit and often spend a substantial part of their earnings on cigarettes. Cigarette advertisements lure people into smoking and most active smokers cause a great deal of harm to passive smokers as well. Smokers force the members of their family to bear the ill effects of the smoke that they exhale. Smoking can be stopped by a strong will power and every person has the capacity to give it up once he sets his mind at doing so.

4. Write a short dialogue between two friends discussing their preparation for examinations.

English Model Question Paper

                  I.B.Tech  --- I- Semester Examination 2012
 Time-3hrs                                           ENGLISH                                        Max .Marks : 75
Note : Answer any FIVE questions
           All questions carry equal marks

1. a. Summarize Gandhiji’s experiences as a student in London.       10 M
b. Give the Synonyms of the following. (From the texts)                    5M
i.  (i).heritage                  (ii) tryst                (iii) earnest 
(iv) euphoria                  ( v) Pecuniary      

2. a.  According to Barnum what kind of people can attain pecuniary     
         Independence                                                                           10 M

b. Give the Antonyms of the following. (From the texts)                 5M
i. rational              (ii) summit            (iii) dreary
(iv)  vulnerable     (v) hospitable                

3. a. Compare and contrast the personalities of Lawyer Cribbs and Edward Middleton.       10M
b. Describe a trip/journey/ travel and give the details.                 5M
  4. a. Give an account of the message that Helen keller conveys to men and women regarding the use of their senses.             10M 
b.  Write a dialogue between a hostel warden and a student.         5M                          
5. a. Write an argumentative essay on  Gender -bias.    10M                                    
b. Fill in the blanks with suitable verb forms                      5M
i. The blind man---------- his balance  while he ---------in the park. (loose, walk)
ii. He -------- the room and the power-------off (enter, go)
iii. John------- the violin.(play, plays)

6. a. Discuss the skills of problem solving.    10M
b. Correct the following sentences.                  5M
i. The house is made with wood
ii. He and I am writing the exam..
iii. She work hard
(iv. She says she was happy.
(v). She is an ileterate
7. a. Expand the line into a paragraph.  ‘A stitch in time saves Nine’                 10M
 b. Rewrite as directed. (5 sentences to be given)                     5 M
(nouns /pronouns/adjectives/adverbs/gerunds)
i. reverential—change the  adjective into a noun and make a own sentence.
ii. I, Ram and you must attend the meeting. (Order of the pronoun)
iii. The sun is shining very brightly. (Pick the adverbs)
iv. Reading improves your speaking skill. (pick the gerund)
v. He is not only kind but also generous. (Pick the adjectives)                                                                                                     
8. a. Give the one word substitutes of the following. ---6M
 i. A person who speaks many languages.
ii. One who loves and helps mankind.
iii. A person who takes care of museum.
iv. One who flees away from his country for safety.
v. A place where birds are kept.
vi. Fear of open places.
b. Tick the right answer.                6M
i. obdurate: stubborn:  : proximity :--------
a. probable   b. approach    c. nearness  d. distance
ii. Tick the right answer------ venerate  : respect  :  : assuage  :------------]
a. relieve   b. harsh   c. reject   d. receive
iii. map: atlas :  : word : ---------p-------------
a. book   b. dictionary   c. printer  d. theory
iv. airplane: hangar:  :  money  : ---------------------
a. bank   b. sea c. safe     d. yard
v. attentive: rapt:   : criticize :------------
a. derisive   b. praise   c. jeer   d. enervate
vi. Cluster : huts    : :     flock  :  
a. toys        b.birds      c. paper    d. sheet
c. Write about to+ infinitive and give examples.                  3M

                  I.B.Tech  --- II Semester Examination 2012
 Time-3hrs                                           ENGLISH                                        Max .Marks : 75
Note : Answer any FIVE questions
           All questions carry equal marks

1. a.  What are the factors that constitute a knowledge society according to Abdul Kalam?                                                                                           10M
b. Give the Antonyms of the following.(from the texts)        5M
i. abstract         ii. negate           iii.straight         iv.glee    v. despotic
2. a.  Analyze L.A. Hills observation regarding a ‘simple and clear style’  of good writing.               10M
 b. Supply the quantifiers. (Nothing, several, great, almost, many, little)    5M
i. I have ----------------- to eat
ii. India is -------------- in its heritage.
iii. I worked here for------------------ years.
iv. The problem has --------------- dimensions.
v. --------------- can be said about the past.
3. a.  Justify Russell’s statement that world is full of conflicts.                  10M
b. Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunctions. (five sentences)          5M
i. ---------- it is raining we have an umbrella.
ii. ------------- she had learnt to drive, Alice felt independent.
iii. --------------- it rains I will not go.
iv. Have you seen ----------- heard the latest musical by Lalit Mohan.
v. --------------it was very cold I continued my journey.
4. a. Comment on George Orwell’s decision to shoot the elephant.   10M                                    
b.   Correct the following sentences. (five sentences)    5M
(i)      He is the best of the two
(ii)     The student gave the examination
(iii)    Either the girls or the boys may go to picnic.
(iv)    He know about the incident.
(v)     The plight of the victims are not known.

5. a.   Write an essay on team work and integrity..                            10M
b. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions.     5M
i. He kept the paper--------------- the box.
ii. . He worked ------------------- an Inspector.
iii. I woke up------------- 5 ‘o clock.
iv. He met me -------------- Sunday.
v. I go --------------- a walk in the morning.
6. a.  As a sales manager of Enfield Motors Ltd, Victoria cross, 3rd Lane, Calcutta you are asked to submit report on the decline of sales to your managing director - give the details---Methodology/description/discussion/ analysis/suggestions/conclusions etc....          10M
b.     Comprehension. --- five questions to be given from the selected passage.
Without the knowledge of grammar, it is impossible for you to write correctly; It is by mere accident if you speak correctly; and pray, bear in mind, that the well-informed persons judge of a man’s mind (until they have other means of judging) by his writing or speaking. The labour necessary to acquire this is indeed not trifling. Grammar is not like arithmetic, a science consisting of several distinct departments, some of which may be dispensed with; it is a whole, and the whole must be learnt, or no part is learnt. The subject is abstruse, it demands much reflection and much patience, but when once the task is performed for life, and in everyday of that life it will be found to be in a greater or less degree, a source of pleasure or of profit, or both together. And what is the labour? It consists of no labour exertion; it exposes the student to no cold, no hunger, no suffering of any sort. The hours usually spent on the tea and coffee shops and in the mere gossip which accompany them; those wasted hours, of only one year, employed in the study of English grammar would make you a correct speaker and writer for the rest of your life.
i. Why is the study of grammar essential?
ii. How should grammar be learnt?
iii. How will the well-informed person judge people?
iv. Does the study of grammar involve labour?
v. What is indeed not trifling?
7. a. Make a presentation with 5 to 6 slides on the seminar that was conducted in your department.  10M
b. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles.          5M
i._________ last two chapters are interesting.
ii. Sheela gave me---------- pen.
 iii. Africa is called__________ Dark Continent.
iv. I met him at -------- church.
v. My uncle is still in ------- hospital..
8. a. Write a letter to the owner of a Kinley Refrigerators shop to send you the details of the items available and the price list.        10M
 b. Match the following                        5M
 i. Man proposes                                               vocabulary
ii. Exclamation                                                   life skill                                             
iii. Egalitarian                                                     God disposes          
iv. jargon                                                            Democratic
v. Problem solving                                          intense feeling